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US Amateur Championship

Quinney in Quarter Final

Looking closer than ever to a repeat of his performance last year, Jeff Quinney, defeated Kris Mikkelsen 1 up in the third round of the US Amateur Championship.

Even after a hard morning against his Walker Cup team mate DJ Trahan, Quinney came onto the course fresh as opposed to Mikkelsen who had a tense morning against John Engler.

Mikkelsen was 2 down after the first three holes, although he did manage a birdie on the forrth. By the 8th Quinney and Mikkelsen seemed to be level pegging and Mikkelsen gained the advantage on the 9th, with a 17 foot birdie. The 15th went in Quinney's favour and at the 16th he was 2 up. Mikkelsen again managed to gain some ground on the 17th, but his drive on the 18th landed in the deep rough.

Quinney makes no comment about his chances now he is in the final eight: "It's probably the first time you actually are thinking about it, because before, you know it's such a long shot."

Quinney is paired with Brian Nosler in the quarterfinal.

Quinney's friend and 2000 opponent, James Driscoll was eliminated by Japan's Taichiro Kiyota, 1 up.

Bruce Summerhay's nephew, Daniel, is the youngest qualifier to go forward. At only 17, he beat Billey Harvey 4 and 3, the same result as that of his next opponent Robert Hamilton, who won victory over Danial Ozley.

Friday's Pairings:

9:00 a.m. - Robert Hamilton, Carmichael, Calif. (141) vs. Daniel Summerhays, Farminton, Utah (142)
9:15 a.m. - Taichiro Kiyota, Japan (143) vs. Manuel Merizalde, Colombia (142)
9:30 a.m. - Brian Nosler, Lake Oswego, Ore. (141) vs. Jeff Quinney, Eugene, Ore. (142)
9:45 a.m. - Michael Sims, Bermuda (135) vs. Bubba Dickerson, Hillard, Fla. (141)

Full Results: Second and Third Round Matchplay:

Second Round Upper Bracket
Robert Hamilton, Carmichael, Calif. (141) def. Greg Earnhardt, Greensboro, N.C. (144), 3 and 2.
Daniel Ozley, Birmingham, Ala. (143) def. Scott Abbott, Dallas, Texas (143), 20 holes.
Daniel Summerhays, Farmington, Utah (142) def. Brooks Kelly, Sierra Vista, Ariz. (143), 2 and 1.
Billy Harvey, Las Vegas, Nev. (142) def. Jerry Courville, Milford, Conn. (137), 2 and 1.
James Driscoll, Brookline, Mass. (136) def. Casey Yates, Fouke, Ariz. (142), 6 and 5.
Taichiro Kiyota, Japan (143) def. Sandy Horacek, Los Angeles, Calif. (142), 2 and 1
Nick Watney, Fresno, Calif. def. Nicholas Thompson, Coral Springs, Fla. (141), 7 and 6.
Manuel Merizalde, Colombia (142) def. Nick Cassini, Athens, Ga. (143), 5 and 4.

Lower Bracket
Brian Nosler, Lake Oswego, Ore. (141) def. Robert Godfrey, Clemson, S.C. (135), 2 and 1.
Michael Webb, Elberton, Ga. (142) def. Jamie Elson, England (139), 3 and 2.
Kris Mikkelsen, Woodstock, Ga. (142) def. John Engler, Augusta, Ga. (136), 1 up.
Jeff Quinney, Eugene, Ore. (142) def. D.J. Trahan, Inman, S.C. (137), 1 up.
Michael Sims, Bermuda (135) def. Simon Nash, Australia (142), 1 up.
John Carlson, Bagley, Minn. (143) def. Ryan Blaum, Coral Gables, Fla. (142), 1 up.
Camilo Villegas, Colombia (136) def. Andy Doeden, Fargo, N.D. (142), 1 up.
Bubba Dickerson, Hillard, Fla. (141) def. Chris Nallen, Hackettstown, N.J. (143), 1 up.

Third Round Upper Bracket
Hamilton def. Ozley, 4 and 3
Summerhays def. Harvey, 4 and 3.
Kiyota def. Driscoll, 1 up.
Merizalde def. Watney, 19 holes

Lower Bracket
Nosler def. Webb, 1 up.
Quinney def. Mikkelson, 1 up.
Sims def. Carlson, 22 holes
Dickerson def. Villegas, 2 and 1


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